Site Rules and Regulations

  1. Every guest needs to be registered at reception before entering the premises. In order to recognize registered guests, we ask you to wear the bracelet you receive on arrival visibly.
  2. The pitches and accommodation are assigned by reception and cannot be altered without express approval. Don’t occupy pitches that are not assigned to you, even though they seem to be free.
  3. Opening times
    1. reception 08:00 – 19:00
    2. pool 09:00 – 19:00
    3. pool bar 07:00 – 23:00
    4. tennis 09:00 – 19:00
    5. restaurant 18:30 – 22:30
    6. bar 08:00 – 20:00
    7. market 08:00 – 19:00
  4. Arrival and departure times
    1. camping pitches can be occupied from 12:00 and must be evacuated by 12:00 on your last day
    2. mobile homes and tents can be occupied by 15:00 and must be evacuated by 10:00 on your last day
  5. The final bill and tourist tax must be paid upon arrival. Before leaving we ask you to visit reception to say goodbyes and to close your stay in our system.
  6. You can park your car on or near your pitch or near your accommodation. Please keep car movements to an absolute minimum and always drive at walking speed. Between 23:00 and 07:00 are our quiet hours and no one except the night guard should drive or ride on site. You can park your car on one of the outside car parks in case you return late or leave early.
  7. Indicate possible damage or deficiencies immediately when you notice them so we can take immediate action to remedy the situation.
  8. Rubbish is collected in five different groups: paper and card board, plastics, organic material, glass and non-recyclable waste. There are bins for each group on both car parks. For guests with walking difficulties we have several smaller bins on site. Keep the site clean by disposing all your rubbish in the selected bins.
  9. With care and attention you are allowed to cook and grill on gas appliances. For reasons of fire protection no other forms of open fire are allowed. If you wish to light a scent candle against insects, make sure it is placed on a plate on a solid underground. Make absolutely sure to extinguish any candles before leaving your pitch or going to bed.
  10. Keep the pitch in the exact same condition you found it. Leave the vegetation intact and don’t dig any holes or trenches.
  11. Use the facilities and services with the same care and attention that you would at home. Don’t cause other guests inconvenience or disturbance. Use water and electricity sensibly not to waste energy and resources. Don’t use the air-con when it’s not necessary and never put it on a temperature lower than 7 degrees below outside temperature. Always switch off the air-con when you’re not inside. Be careful not to use more than two appliances at the same time to prevent tripping the electricity.



  1. Use of services and facilities is at your own risk. Management and staff can’t be held responsible for injuries, damage, lost property or theft.
  2. Outside visitors can only enter the premises after leaving their id at reception. For a visit longer than 30 minutes we charge the daily rate. Visitors must leave the grounds before reception closes. Visitors of our registered guests must be registered in reception. In case they want to spend the night an additional rate may be charged.
  3. With us, your privacy is safe: if you see photos or video being taken indicate if you don’t want to be recognized and we won’t include you in our material.
  4. If you find objects of which you can’t establish the ownership, bring them to reception. If you lose anything, ask reception if it has been found.
  5. The tennis courts can only be used to play tennis and you have to wear proper shoes. When you finish playing you should sweep the court with the drag mat.
  6. Always keep pets under your control and keep them on a leash. Remove and dispose of any dog poop.
  7. Accompanying adults are responsible for behavior and safety of underaged members in their travel party.
  8. On site the same norms and values apply that we find normal elsewhere and the law applies as in the rest of Italy. Management reserves the right to expel and deny further access to any guests or visitors if it feels the need or necessity to do so.

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